thanks for
your gymgod purchase ❤️

You're awesome! As the CEO of GYMGOD I want to give you something back to say "thanks for believing in us"


Thank you so much for your recent purchase from my business, GYMGOD.

I built this brand to reflect the focus and drive needed to become the best you can that's all that matters. If you can believe in yourself and focus your mind on the task you wish to complete, anything is possible.

You will not get the physique you want within a day but by doing something towards accomplishing your goal every day you will eventually succeed.

This is my mantra and I look forward to seeing you benefit from this mindset over the following months.



As we get so many requests to join the team we have put together an ambassador model program to allow you to be a part of our growing movement.

As we only accept serious applicants all we ask is that you tag us in all your posts wearing our items. We do regular shoots and have a voting panel to judge the best models, of which some will be invited to one of our full in-gym photoshoot shoot days.

If you are not contacted back, don't worry. You are still awesome and your fitness journey with us has just begun. We want you to succeed so just believe in yourself and join today!

Welcome to team GYMGOD!

Matthew Taiwo